Father’s Day Gifts

Fathers Day is just around the corner (June 19th 2011) so have you thought about what you want to get your dad this father’s day?

We have some lovely handprint mugs and gifts which are instant so ideal if you have left getting your father’s day gift late this year.  You can even order on June 16th and still create a personalised baby keepsake ready to give dad on the

Daddy's Golden Boy Handprint Mug
Daddy’s Golden Boy Handprint Mug

special day!

Or if you act before the 26th May 2011 then you are still in time to arrange some silver fingerprint cufflinks for your special dad! It is such a special item that even my Dad had something in his eye when we gave him a pair with his nephews fingerprint on! And believe me when we normally give our dad his fathers day gifts we are lucky to get any sort of emotion so this must have been VERY special 😉

Or how about a beautiful glass keepsake – something very new and special and I will write a blog about this in a bit more detail later but for now please check out our new range of baby glass hand and foot prints. I am sure you will agree it is a beautiful very special keepsake indeed.

Or for general ideas please visit our Fathers Day Gifts Page.

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