Exciting New Fingerprint Jewellery News!

Keepsake CottageWell as you know it’s all change here at The Keepsake Company. With so many exciting things happening almost every day now, it is really hard to keep up with it all but I would like to fill you in on one of our more recent activities…well, little projects!

Fingerprint Jewellery Update!

Victoria & I have been searching the length & breath of the country trying to find the very best Fingerprint Jewellery Companies and Fingerprint Artists to join with us in our new venture & together, our aim is to provide the finest online marketplace for Fingerprint  Jewellery.

We plan to work together with both Fingerprint Artists & Fingerprint  Jewellery Companies to give you, are fabulous customers, the very  finest choice in Fingerprint Jewellery,  we want there to be loads of variation (because here at the Keepsake Company we appreciate that we don’t all want the same things!), we will give you access to the very best professional skilled artists who share the same passion for jewellery as we do, we will be introducing new ideas & designs as well as lots and lots of other things, and of course there will be the same commitment to excellent customer service that we have always prided ourselves upon.

This is all just sooo fantastically exciting! And it’s moving so quickly too! Victoria is now working incredibly hard to get everything in place and ready for the new Fingerprint  Jewellery guys & gals to light up our market place & dazzle you on our amazing new web site.

And I have to say they really are a lovely group of people too…..they have all been so warm & as excited as us (well almost!) about our new venture. They have been biting our hands off to join us & get a slice of the action in what is sure to be the most fantastic place to buy your Fingerprint Jewellery…ever!! Click HERE to see more!!

Have you ever thought about running your own Fingerprint Jewellery business…? Click HERE to find out more about our training courses.

I think I had better sign off now as I can hear yet more squeals of excitement coming from Victoria’s side of the office so I think I might need to make an urgent cuppa! With chocolate biscuits…..!!

Talk soon…love, Pippa x

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