Choosing My Fingerprint Jewellery Charm

IMG_9070With all the fabulous new Fingerprint Jewellery ranges now available through my favourite Keepsake Store, I have been thinking about getting Doodles print done. Watching her grow up so quickly I am constantly reminded that she won’t be little forever or for that matter won’t want to hold my hand forever but I do truly want to hold her hand (body, heart, everything!) close for always & I think Fingerprint Jewellery would be the perfect way to go about this. So, the other afternoon I made myself comfy on the sofa with the laptop & I started my research! Obviously I had a cuppa & some of my favourite biscuits close by…one can’t think on an empty tummy you know!! ☺

How I chose my Fingerprint Jewellery Charm

I had a good look around, there are so many wonderful options….firstly, I need to decide on the shape of charm I am looking for…this I am quite sure about, right from the onset. It has to be a heart, my Doodle is my heart & that is that decision made!

So, next question, do I have her name & maybe a message inscribed…yes, I think that would be nice. Another box ticked…I’m doing well so far! Then I find out that these wonderfully clever Fingerprint Jewellery Artist can also do pet prints. Wow, how I wish I’d known this was even possible as this is something I would most definitely have had done. Sadly my beautiful dog passed away last year, she meant the world to me, I still miss her everyday & it would really have been so lovely to have a little memento of her to keep close to me. So, to pet lovers everywhere go to The Keepsake Co website & make sure you check out all they have available on the market place.

Anyway, going back to Doodle’s Fingerprint Jewellery charm, I knew the shape & wording now I just had to decide if I make it into a necklace or a bracelet….again so many options to choose from but when I finally made my decision it was just all so easy to go ahead & order. Plus I was able to do it all from the comfort of my warm snuggy sofa. Fabulous! I am REALLY excited about its arrival and would whole heartedly recommend the new Keepsake Market Place as the finest place to visit for all your fingerprint jewellery charm (and paw print!) purchases. ☺


With love, Ella xx

Ella Smyth is a mum who loves the new Fingerprint Jewellery Market Place at The Keepsake Co.

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