Creative Project: Create your own plant pal!

With the May bank holiday fast approaching on May 4th, you may be looking at projects you can easily do to keep the kids happy. If you’re looking for something that’s both educational and fun, look no further than creating your own plant pal!

This is based on the original blog post over on the ‘Homemade gifts made easy’ website and I’ve used their images to illustrate this blog post, in homage to their hard work – so do please check out their website when you have a chance, as there’s some great ideas on there.

homemade grass plant palWhat you will need to make a plant pal:

  • Old pair of tights
  • Grass seed
  • Soil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorative materials (such as felt and decorate wobbly eyes)
  • Container*

The steps to making a great plant pal:

  1. Cut the toe part of your tights off, making sure you have a long enough section to fill!
  2. Put a teaspoon or two of grass seed into the bottom of the tights.
  3. Add soil – you want it tennis ball sized.
  4. Tie off the end.
  5. Make features, such as nose, eyes and ears, by grabbing and twisting small section of the stuffed ball and fastening with thread.
  6. Get creative and decorate your container and plant pal!
  7. Fill the container with water and sit your plant pal head on top, so it’s just sat in the water.

Over at ‘Homemade gifts made easy’ they decorate the yoghurt pot to look like shirts etc. Alternatively, why not stick a photo of your child on there, so the growing grass looks like their hair!

Not only is this creative project fun, it also teaches your child about plant growth – and they can use scissors to cut the grass hair over and over again!

* Your container can be a yoghurt post, as suggested over on the ‘Homemade gifts made easy’ website or, if you want to show your kids HOW grass grows, forego the tights and plant up something like the cut off bottom section of a soft drinks bottle, so they can see the roots grow too. You can still decorate the container – just remember not to over-water it!

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