Creative project: Create a footprint butterfly work of art!

Footprint butterfly works of art are easy to make and great fun for you and your child. Your child grows up so fast. A couple of years down the line, and you may forget how tiny they once were – and that’s why creative artwork is a smart move to make with your little one!

Why create a footprint butterfly work of art?

footprint butterfly art projectWhether your child is still a baby or toddler, creating works of art together serves several purposes:

  • It gives you a record of your baby’s size
  • You capture each unique detail of their feet
  • You can build on their creativity from a really early age
  • It gives you a unique work of art to take pride of place on any wall!
  • Both you and your child will have fun!
  • Time spent together will be valuable bonding time
  • You will both start to look forward to, and cherish, your art time

Footprint butterfly prints are easy and simple to create too! So how can you create a butterfly footprint work of art? This is creative project is based on an original blog post over at mommypotamus.com and, in true homage to the mommypotamus site, I’ve used their art to illustrate the finished product too!

What you need

  • Water based acrylic paints in bright colours
  • Brushes
  • Washable canvas
  • Permanent marker (for fine detailing)

baby footprint butterfly artAction steps

  • Squeeze the paint you’d like to use onto a palette or piece of card
  • Paint your child’s feet – you have several choices here: a) dab on the main colour and add accent colours or b) paint rainbow stripes across your child’s foot!
  • Print the first of your child’s feet onto the canvas, by gently pushing each toe, followed by the rest of the foot. Make sure you place the foot onto the OPPOSITE site of the canvas! (Left foot goes on right side, right foot goes on left of canvas). If you don’t like the result, wash it off and start again.
  • Print the second foot – leaving a slight gap to draw in the butterfly body
  • Draw in the butterfly’s body, antenna and extra detailing, using the permanent market. If you wish, you can also add in either your child’s name and date created, or add a big initial for their first name – the choice really is yours!

I haven’t listed a canvas size, as this really depends on what you’d like to create. If you have a small child, a 9 x 12 inch canvas will do however, if you want to add a message, or if you have several children you want to include, a larger canvas will be needed.

Whatever you decide, I’m sure your footprint butterfly work of art will look amazing – so why not create a couple? That way, you can keep one and give the others out as gifts to grandparents or godparents!

Image courtesy of stockimages/FreeDigitalPhotos.net & mommypotamus.com

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