Create a Jigsaw for Father’s Day – Craft Project

Love you to pieces – create a jigsaw for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up and what better way for your children to celebrate how great Dad is than with a hand-made keepsake.

Do your kids love their Dad’s to pieces? Help them create a jigsaw for Dad to put together on Father’s Day morning with a special message.  This project will give your children a great indoor project to focus on during those wet spring days.

To create a jigsaw for Father’s Day you will need:

Paints/felt pens/crayons
Paint brushes
Printer (or a trip to the shops to get your photo printed)
Wooden ice lolly sticks (from craft shop) or for older children a jigsaw template (available online)

What next…

  • The first challenge is for your child to create his or her message to Dad on the cardboard.  For the jigsaw project a great appropriate message would be something like “I love you to pieces” or “Love you to bits Dad”.
  • Making the message can be as simple or as complex as you like.  Just make sure the message to Dad is nice and clear.   Using a piece of card or paper which is a bit bigger than A4 in size is best.


For older children and let them get creative with the paints, crayons and pens.  Consider adding any other crafty bits like sequins or felt pieces you have available.


Younger children will need more help with the creation of their sign.  If your child is confident cutting out you could cut letters out of magazines and glue these to your paper to create the message.


For toddlers I suggest letting them run wild with the paints.  You can even recycle old art work if you have lots of it on your fridge!  Once the paint is dry use the art work and from it cut out letters to form the message.  Glue the letters onto your board or paper.


If you have more than one child each of them can make their own sign.


  • Once the art work is finished assemble your child/children in a good spot and take a photo of them holding their signs.  This can be tricky if you have a toddler who won’t stay still! You can take a photo of all of your children together to create one finished jigsaws or create individual ones.
  •  jigsaw6Now you are going to make this photo into a jigsaw!  There are two ways to do this.  Younger children can create the lolly pop stick jigsaw.  Older children can use jigsaw templates.
  •  Next step is to get your photo printed.  If you have a colour printer you can do this at home.  A glossy print is always nice though so consider going to the shops or using an online photo printer and do your project over several days.
  •  For the lolly stick simple jigsaw you will only need a standard size photo.  If you are going to use the jigsaw template print out your photo in A4.

To Create the lolly pop stick jigsaw….


To create the lolly pop stick jigsaw:

  • Put glue on the back of the photo and carefully place the lolly pop sticks onto the glue.  The whole photo should be covered by the sticks.  Make sure the lolly pop sticks are nice and close together.
  •  When the glue is dry cut free each lolly pop stick to create the pieces of your jigsaw.
  •  To use a jigsaw template:  Glue your photo onto a piece of cardboard.  If you search the internet for “jigsaw template” you will find hundreds of options like this one.  Print out the jigsaw of your choice.   Glue the jigsaw template to the back of the cardboard and once the glue is dry cut the pieces.


  •  Store the jigsaw in an envelope, a plastic sleeve or a resealable plastic bag.


  •  Your jigsaw is ready for Dad to put together!  Once he has solved the puzzle your children can give him their unique signs too.

Want to make this project a bit different:  Consider other creative ways of making your child’s message to Dad – chalk on the yard floor or use play-doh.

We hope you have great fun creating this fabulous and unique Father’s Day gift for your Dad this year. You can find loads more craft projects on our website thekeepsakeco.co.uk

With love from,

The Keepsake Company xxx

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