Crafts for Children – Exploding Mud Pies!

As the Summer Holidays will soon be here and with all this super sunny weather we have been having lately, we thought we would bring you some messy outdoor fun ideas in our Crafts for Children post this week! So here we go…..

Rainbow “exploding” mud pies and an equally colourful exciting clean up.

This is such a fun messy project which could keep your children entertained for hours – They are certain to get messy so it is definitely an outdoor project for a summer’s day.   Younger children will probably need a good bath afterwards so we even have a way to make this part of the activity “messy” and fun too!

To make your muddy pie mess you will need:

  • Mud (!) & water
  • Baking soda
  • Containers to make mud pies with (small buckets, ice cream containers, yogurt pots etc)
  • Squeezy bottle (like an empty washing up liquid bottle) or jug/other container
  • Vinegar
  • Tempura paint


  • mud1Take your mud and add water so it is nice and goopy for playing.  Then mix in the baking soda –so far it will just look like normal mud.




  • Get your children messy!  Make mud pies and explore the texture of the mud…


  • Get your children to colour their pies with the tempura paint.   You could even add glitter, sequins and anything sparkly for fun decorations.
  • Then give your children a squeezy bottle/empty washing up liquid bottle filled with vinegar/jug and watch their faces as they squeeze/pour the vinegar over the pies.
  • The vinegar will cause the mud pies to bubble causing much more messy-ness and delight!!


  • Play in the foamy mud some more! – Perhaps paint with it, throw it, paint bodies with it…. Use your imagination.

Then to the bath….

To make your bath better with bath paints you will need:

  • Shaving foam
  • Food colouring in different colours
  • Paint brush
  • Containers – a cup cake tin is good


  1. The clean-up recipe is simple.  Squirt shaving foam into the containers.
  2. Add a few drops of the food colouring of your choice – stir.
  3. You then immediately have fabulous bath paints!
  4. Let your children paint themselves and the bath with the clean-up colours.
  5. Children can also help clean up the bath with a wet flannel or cloth

Tip: Don’t put in too much colouring or you will end up with a hard to clean bath and colour stained children!

We hope you all have a fabulous time getting messy – why not send us some of your pictures! Maybe we could have a prize for the messy-est little one :)))))

Have great fun 🙂

With love from… Victoria, Sam & Pippa xxx


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