Ceramic Baby Imprints are just lovely and a truly professional keepsake that you could not re-create at home. You are able to achieve the life-sized detail but in a simple and wonderful tile which can be framed or displayed in a variety of different ways. At your appointment one of our talented keepsake artists will take your baby’s impression in the soft clay and then when back at their studio they will fire the clay, paint it with underglaze paints, paint in the colour of your choice, glaze the imprint and then fire in their kiln. A very complex process but well worth it for the results our talented keepsake artists can create.

If you would like to commission a Ceramic Baby Imprints (or perhaps a pet impression!)  then you can either purchase one of our “Give to Give” keepsake charity gift vouchers where 50% of the voucher funds will be donated to our chosen charities or you can shop direct with one of our members here. Either way we know you will not be disappointed as all our members have received full training in their chosen keepsakes along with having access to larger resources allowing them to support you in a much better way.

At The Keepsake Co. we appreciate all our members, and those who support our members, very much so if there is ever anything you would like our support with please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will do our very best.