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Talented Ladies Club Victoria Casebourne

Talented Ladies Club Victoria Casebourne Interview

We are so excited to be sharing with you this fabulous Talented Ladies Club interview with our lovely Victoria Casebourne by Talented Ladies Club. Read the full interview here from Talented Ladies Club’s Inspirational Interviews. Victoria is the founder of The Keepsake Company and shares her thoughts and feelings in this candid interview.

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Talented ladies club victoria casebourne

Victoria Casebourne

Halloween Crafts you can keep – Tricks and Treats for you

Here at Keepsake HQ we’re looking forward to some family time with the kids for half-term. October half-term often ends with Halloween and Halloween Crafts are a great, fun activity. In keeping with our mission to make beautiful keepsakes to capture precious memories, we’ve found lots of Halloween craft ideas that will also make greatContinue Reading

Nurture yourself to nurture your creativity

When it comes to nurturing your creativity, we immediately think of what creative-type activities we can do. Why? Because we’ve often heard that, in order to nurture your creativity you have to do something creative to inspire it! But sometimes, the best thing your creativity needs is you… so how about nurturing yourself to maximiseContinue Reading

Inspire your creativity

You need creativity to run your business – whether you’re a mother with a creative-based hobby or a solopreneur who hopes to grow and expand her creative business. However, running any creative business can be extremely wearing on both your energy and your creativity – but you still need both, in order to successfully runContinue Reading

KeepsakeTV – Episode 4: Be a domestic goddess in 10 minutes

If you prefer reading, here’s this episode transcript for you: Do you long to be that domestic goddess you’ve dreamed of but you just don’t have time? Well here’s a quick and easy recipe that I know you’re going to be able to squeeze in. Hi! I’m Victoria Casebourne from The Keepsakes Company and IContinue Reading

KeepsakeTV – Episode 3: The perfect Keepsake to capture a large group celebration

If you prefer reading, here’s this episode transcript for you: A big event coming up and you want to find a way to capture it that’s not going to cost you. I’ve got an idea 🙂 So here is my fingerprint canvas that I did for my little one’s first birthday. Very, very sad, bigContinue Reading

Keepsake TV – Episode 1: How to make any old furniture look AMAZING :-)

This blog has been transcribed for those who prefer reading: Heya! Like my cabinet? Guess how much it cost me? 50 quid and I am going to tell you how: Basically, when I brought this cabinet home, my husband was like “That isn’t staying in our house because it’s disgusting”. But I was like “GiveContinue Reading

My Holiday Memories – Scrapbooking

How about this fab idea for preserving “My Holiday Memories” …Lou Collins talks us through the inspiring craft of Scrapbooking. My name is Lou and I have been scrapbooking for five years now, which started as a hobby and has progressed to me designing for four different craft magazines, and some worldwide craft manufacturers. I startedContinue Reading

Crafts for Children – Exploding Mud Pies!

As the Summer Holidays will soon be here and with all this super sunny weather we have been having lately, we thought we would bring you some messy outdoor fun ideas in our Crafts for Children post this week! So here we go….. Rainbow “exploding” mud pies and an equally colourful exciting clean up. ThisContinue Reading