Back to School Check List

I know! I know! I have had all holiday to get this sorted but I am sure I am not the only parent to be dashing around at the last minute trying to tick things off my back to school check list!

In my defence I have had a list written for some weeks now, I just haven’t acted upon it quite yet and in truth I was kind of hoping that at least some of Doodles school kit would be OK for her to return back with…..WRONG! How do children manage to grow so much in such a short space of time…? Her Summer dresses hardly cover her bottom, her skirts and t-shirts (my fall back plan!) do not meet, never mind overlap, nor do they cover what they are supposed to! As for shoes, she can’t even get her feet into the 2 month old pair I bought in the summer term hoping they would see us through until at least November – oh how i do despair!

So last weekend, I wrote a new back to school check list and I thought I would share the contents with you all, just incase any 0f you guys were facing a similar challenge 🙂

Skirts & Pinafores – M&S everytime! Wash up perfectly & you get the quality you pay for.

Tops – We do white polo shirts all year through as the classrooms get quite warm in Winter once the heating goes on – Next is my shop of choice for these – fit nicely, wash well & stay a nice shade of white!

Tights – Oh they drive me up the wall but Doodle insists on them & this is one battle I don’t really feel the need to fight! So for us it is M&S always – and beleive me we have kissed a lot of frogs in our quest to find the perfect prince of tights!

Shoes – I have friends who only ever buy school shoes from the Supermarkets – with mixed reviews. However (and I think I have my mum to blame for this!) I always do “proper school shoes”! Had a run in at Clarks 0nce so not returned, we find Startrite are good for us 🙂

PE Kit – Get the cheap as chips version for as long as you can get away with I say! I have friends who’s little girl “had” to return to school with Sketchers for fear of being tormented…she is 11!! For now I am embracing the black dap look & enjoying it!!

Lunch box & water bottle – Doodle gets to chose usually but as Ive left it late this year it might be slim pickings! If last years hadnt been used to store mud pies in during the holidays it may well have lasted but…hey ho, it didnt & thats that, besides she was having heaps of fun at the time 🙂

School Coat – Delay for as long as possible!! Its my biggest battle – Doodle is tall but lean so we find they are either too short but fit round her body or drown her poor tiny frame but are the perfect length! Any recommendations you may have on this would be appreciated but for now this item has been shelved!

School bag – Ughhhh! Nope, enough is enough…. a good wash up & last years will be fine! A new one can go on the Christmas list!

With love,

Ella xx

Written for The Keepsake Co by Ella Smyth, a back to school ready mum (albeit a little flustered too!)


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