Baby Life Casting: Hattie & Bella

Baby Life Casting: Hattie & Bella

Baby Life Casting
Baby life casting is a wonderful way of enabling you to capture your little ones hand and feet forever by creating wonderful 3D casts.  Babies change so quickly and with so many growth spurts a we recommend booking your baby life casting session sooner rather than later to enable you to capture every single detail forever.  Those edible little fingers and toes, the size, definition, lines, shapes, tiny finger and toenails and the creasing around the ankle or wrist are all captured at a baby life casting session.  
Booking a baby life casting session with Hattie & Bella couldn’t be easier.  We are more than happy to come to your house or for you to come to us, whatever suits you and baby better.  We use a product called alginate, a natural, seaweed based product that is also used by dentists to take moulds.  Your baby life casting session will take anything from 30 minutes to two hours, depending upon how many 3D casts you would like. 
Our 3D casts are available in a variety of finishes.  You can choose from either a glossy or matte antique silver, gold, or copper, each of which offer depth and pick out details like lines and creases.  Alternatively, you may prefer a pearlescent white or black, both of which produce a clean finish with details highlighted as they catch the natural light.  All pieces are available in a box frame which is bespoke to each commission. There are a selection of frame colours and styles to choose from together with front and back mounts.   Each 3D cast comes with a name plaque of which we have a variety of colours and font styles for you to choose from.  We will bring samples of the 3D cast colour options, frames, mount cards, plaque colours and font styles with us to your baby life casting appointment for you to view.   
Prices start from £60 for a single hand or foot framed with a name plaque. The finished product will be ready for collection within 4-6 weeks.
If you are interested in a baby life casting  appointment to create some 3D casts in and around York, Leeds or Harrogate then you can find Hattie & Bella’s contact details in our keepsake directory or by visiting their website at www.hattiendbella.co.uk.

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