The benefits of a baby handprint kit

Aren’t babies amazing! We’ve all marvelled at the wonder of a new-born baby. Mums the world over have been awestruck at how tiny and perfect their own baby’s toes and fingers are. But then they grow so fast and we struggle to remember exactly HOW small they once were… and this is where our baby handprint kits come into their own!

Capturing those special moments

Double Clay Impression SetPhotographs are great at capturing those special moments – their first smile, first toy and the first cuddles they had with various members of the family. Camcorders are also perfect for capturing those first movements, sounds and words. For example, their first squeal, first word, those first steps and the subsequent new pair of tiny shoes.

But as our children grow older and time fades, we struggle to comprehend how small they really were! We remember holding their tiny foot in our hands, but we can’t quite recapture that associated feeling with a simple photograph or video.

A truly unique piece of art

Imagine having a piece of art that is TOTALLY unique and perfectly illustrates how small your baby was. You can capture forever, that feeling you had when you first held their tiny hand, with a baby handprint kit.

We all have our own unique set of fingerprints – and your baby’s fingerprints were developing whilst they were growing in your womb. Those same fingerprints will stay with your baby for their entire life. Add to this their palm print, with every ridge, line and wrinkle being unique to them – and you cannot fail to see how truly beautiful and unique a baby handprint can be.

Small Set of Baby ImpressionsIf you opt for a ceramic handprint, you will be able to feel each of those unique details, even when your child has grown up, and whilst you are marvelling at how small their handprint feels against your hand.

A Beautiful baby handprint kit – a gift to treasure

Not only do they make perfect presents for new parents – they also make an amazing gift for grandparents, godparents and for those special days, such as birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s or Father’s Day. Nothing will ever compare to the love you feel for your child or grandchild – and a baby handprint kit is the PERFECT way to capture that love and unique bond forever!

Why not make a list of who would get the most pleasure from a truly unique work of baby art? Imagine the delight they will feel when they receive a beautiful framed handprint of your baby and, with a choice of colours and frames available, why not take a look at our baby handprint kit range? You can check out our online shop by clicking here.

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