Baby Hand Casting Kit – The Ultimate Guide

Baby Hand Casting Kit

I was sitting down to write a new blog on baby hand casting kits as I get ready to launch our popular and lovely baby casting kits again and saw that I had said quite a bit about how I felt about baby castings in this blog post from 2011 here
You may, or may not know, that I took these baby hand casting kits off sale around the time my first child, Oliver, was 1. I was so busy training and supporting people running keepsake businesses that I closed down the retail arm of the business. When you are a Mum in business you really can not do it all and if you try then you run the risk of burning out which is what happened to me.
However while I know it was what I needed to do I do at the time I do wish I had found a way to have kept them going as they are in The Keepsake Co’s history. Things haven’t really felt the same since I moved away from retailing keepsakes as it was such a big part of my life… I have missed them! I have been doing a lot of reflecting lately on The Keepsake Co and have decided I am now in a wonderful place and want to bring back the retail arm to a) help shine a light on some of the AMAZING keepsakes our members create and b) to bring back some of my favourite products which I love in every single way.
I have been doing some searching online and the market is a totally different place when I started 16 years ago. I could not find any casting kits for babies over here when I started in 2002 and so I am pleased to see there have been quite a few companies have popped up to fill the gap we leftย  BUT I am also delighted to see that there is still very much room for us… and it will give me an opportunity to bring back our baby casting kits in style. I have some really lovely packaging lined up and that coupled with our new branding which I can’t wait to launch we really are going to come back with a bang ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • If you would like to learn to make these baby castings professionally you can checkout our training here
  • You can buy our baby casting business start up pack equipment and materials here

Please note that our baby casting kits are not just for babies and will do a blog soon on a product which my Son and I created together. I LOVE it and so did he which made it so much more special.

I have so much I would love to write about baby casting kits so will schedule a series of posts around them…. but for now the school run is calling me and it is Halloween so I better get going ๐Ÿ˜‰

With love as always,

Victoria xx

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