Baby footprint kit and other footprint art ideas

We all love marvelling over how small and delicate our baby is to us. Everyone will have a particular fondness – whether it’s their tiny button nose or their firm little grip on our finger – but tiny feet hold a special fascination for most adults!

baby footprint kit
Unmounted foot castings www.thekeepsakeco.co.uk

A baby footprint kit is a perfect way to immortalise the wonderment of both the size of baby’s foot and the perfection of it. Capturing forever every perfect little toe and the unique footprint of your baby… but our baby footprint kit is just the start of some great footprint art and craft ideas!

We’ve compiled some of our favourite footprint inspired gifts and art ideas from around the web, for you to get arty and creative – or simply to buy a loved one a special one-off gift!

Footprint Art

baby footprint butterfly art
Image courtesy of www.mommypotamas.com

There’s some absolutely beautiful art and craft ideas out there for baby footprints! Whether you want to hang a work of unique art on your wall, create one as a special gift for baby’s grandparents or godparents – or simply say ‘I love you’ to baby’s mum or dad, here are some ideas to get you started!

http://www.mommypotamus.com/how-to-make-butterfly-footprint-art/ shows you how to use water-based acrylic paint and a canvas to create beautiful butterfly footprint art. You can easily create this with young children or make them yourself, using baby’s footprint if they’re too small to get involved!

How about creating an adorable porcelain serving dish for baby’s grandparents? Check out the image over at: http://nifymag.com/baby-foot-print-love/

baby footprint in sand
Image courtesy of www.pressions.ca

http://www.pressions.ca/instructions shows us how to combine baby’s footprint with sand and shells – a deceptively professional looking piece of unique art.

If you have several children, this hanging wall art is perfect for you! Instead of using handprints, as shown over on the website, why not use footprints instead? http://www.creativelylivingblog.com/2012/02/gallery-wall-kid-art-with-kids.html

This is so cute, it seems a shame to save it just for Valentine’s Day – so why not change the message to suit the occasion? http://supermomsteph.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/valentine-picture.html

http://www.mamaandbabylove.com/2010/11/30/baby-footprints-birthday-decoration/ shows us how to create a simple birthday decoration using baby’s footprint and photo. You could easily create one of these every year, to illustrate how quickly baby grows and changes.

Glass Hand & Footprint Cufflinks £28
Glass Hand & Footprint Cufflinks £28 www.thekeepsakeco.co.uk

Unique Gift Ideas from The Keepsake Company

If you’re not into making gifts from scratch, why not check out some of our gifts? We have some really cute hand and footprint cufflinks, available in six different colours:


If you’re after life-size artwork, look no further than our great baby footprint kits – choose from 3D castings, raised imprints or ceramic imprints – all perfect for capturing every little line in those tiny little feet!




Why not try your hand at some of these great baby footprint kit and artwork ideas? You could share your experiences with us, by leaving a comment in the box below!

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