Baby Casting Kit

I have been thinking a lot lately about which is my favourite baby keepsake and I have to say it is still our original baby casting kit. I love that you start with some simple powders, mix with a bit of water and then from this you can create a stunning 3D baby hand or foot model which you can keep forever. The way the alginate casting captures all of the detail in all it’s life sized glory truly is still truly amazing to me.

Some people are a little nervous when attempting their baby casting kit but take it from me is really is not that hard. Yes things can go wrong but you can always call me and I can try and help you over the phone. I also have a video of me using our baby casting kit from mixing the alginate through to unveiling the finished mould.

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  • If you would like to learn to make these baby castings professionally you can checkout our training here
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You can choose to leave your baby casting plain or paint it any colour you wish. We have seen photos of green castings through to more traditional bronzed baby castings. While our baby casting kits do not include paint we do supply them for an additional £1.99 in silver, gold or bronze. You can also use any acrylic paint to finish your baby casting. Why not get creative!

When you have finished your baby casting kit you could decide to mount your stunning hand castings in a frame or leave them loose. What ever you decide we really can help you create the perfect keepsake with a full range of frames and mounts.

The best thing about making this keepsake is you have no control over what the baby is doing with their hands or feet during the moulding process so when you unpeel your alginate mould from the casting stone you will sure to be delighted. Most babies clench their fists but I have seen some babies come out with fingers like the peace sign or a pointed finger. And the way the toes can remind the parents how their little one’s feet are when they are relaxed from unusual toe poses!

If you have any questions about choosing the right baby casting kit for you then please do not hesitate to contact me on 01749 344699 . Happy casting 😉

Victoria xx

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