Baby 3D Casts: Bambini Treasures

Baby 3D Casts: Bambini Treasures

Every baby 3D cast of a baby’s hand and foot tells it’s own truly unique story.

I met baby Edie, a gorgeous 3 week old bundle of joy and her mummy Stacey who booked in for a baby 3D cast where I’m based in Kent. I started by offering Stacey a tea or coffee (always gratefully received by tired parents!) and discussed where Stacey plans to display her baby 3D cast. This really helps with the bespoke finishes for the frame, mounts and of course the casts themselves. When Edie was born, she received a blown glass heart from her Grandad in her birthstone colour. Stacey was very keen to add the heart to the baby 3D cast. I really love creating bespoke pieces and felt honoured that Stacey trusted my judgement on exactly how to incorporate the special heart. Stacey chose a white frame and mounts and antique silver casts, a popular choice which always looks amzing.

I prepared the materials to make a start on Edie’s baby 3D casts. We started with her hand cast and took a pause when Edie needed a feed, she then slept through the remainder of the casting session – who knew it could be so relaxing!

After Stacey and Edie left I continued the casting process and next came the fun part – revealing the baby 3D casts! This is the part that makes my job so rewarding, seeing how the baby 3D casts capture every tiny detail, it’s just pure magic! They are so life like, perfect and beautifully detailed.

After the drying process I hand painted Edie’s 3D casts in the antique silver finish ready for mounting in the stunning hardwood frame. I chose a white satin ribbon to display the glass heart.

When Stacey collected her baby 3D cast she was overwhelmed, she couldn’t believe the detail and how much Edie had grown over the past month. She was so pleased with how I had incorporated the aquamarine heart.

Stacey will treasure Edie’s baby 3D casts forever. 

To find out more about Ruth and her wonderful business Bambini Treasures you can visit her Facebook page or find all of Ruth’s contact details in our member directory.

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  1. What a lovely post, you really get an insight into a casting appointment, and it’s great that you are so creative that you can incorporate bespoke requirements into your designs and orders!

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