Baby 3D Casting Course Questions

Baby 3D Baby Casting Course
Baby 3D Baby Casting Course

I LOVE getting questions from those looking to start their own keepsake business as it means I can share my responses here in case anyone else has the same questions. Hope you find this useful.

You can view our baby casting course or our baby casting start up kit.
I am definitely interested in doing the 3d casting online course ( for my own business) , how long are the videos? 

Videos are 1-10 mins long each so they are divided into manageable chapters. You could work through it all in a day as we do on a studio course or you can take your time and watch them when ever you have a spare 5 minutes.
Re the 3d casting starter kit, I already have alginate and plaster can I get the rest of the kit from you?
Of course. Just let us know what you need and I can order it for you.
I have noticed other businesses taking 2d impressions at outside fairs and toddler groups ( which I would like to do) but not sure how this is done, wud I get they ready made or would I have to make it?
 You could perhaps use an air dry clay for impressions which are pressed into the clay I but would edge towards doing ceramics at groups and up selling to your 3D and raised impressions rather than offering an inferior clay impressions.
And how would they get their finished product as it has to dry I guess?
You would take home to finish or you would need a product such as air dry clay or ceramics if you wanted them to take it away on the day. You need to think about your marketing plan to see which would fit you. We can help with this.
Will I get clay In the kit?
You will on the raised impressions kit but not the 3D casting.
Is there any marketing advice manuals with the online courses
To keep our course costs down we do not include marketing advice for the basic course but we do offer upgrades to offer you as much advice and support as you need. We basically tailor it to your needs to ensure you have the right level of support or guidance to give you the best results without having to spend out on a franchise.
Would I need to buy frames from you for the online courses?
You can source frames from a framer or you can source them locally. Whichever you prefer.
Sorry there’s so many questions but I need to get it right from the start

Not atall! That is why we are here 🙂

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