Another yummy recipe to make with your children

Following on from the success of last weeks flapjack recipe to make with your children, we thought we would try again and here we have another recipe for you to try,  a delicious Summer Fruit Ripple. This is a light & creamy desert that tastes as good as it looks and on a hot summers day (hopefully we will get a few more this year!) you can freeze the finished Ripple for at least 4 hours to make a super cool treat.

What you will need to make 4 servings;

Assorted fresh berries Stock Photos

250g of ripe Strawberries

125g of ripe Raspberries

125g of ripe Blueberries

(It’s great to use fresh fruit but frozen works just fine, remember to defrost it thoroughly first!)

4 tablespoons of fresh orange juice

2 tablespoons of clear runny honey

275ml of natural yogurt

275ml of double cream

2 tablespoons of sieved icing sugar

What happens next….

Wash all the fruit and put a small handful to one side to use for decorating later.

Hull the strawberries and cut into quarters.

Place half the strawberries, raspberries & blueberries into a food processor along with the icing sugar & orange juice. Secure the lid & blend until you have a smooth puree.

To separate the fruit seeds and pulp from the juice, sieve the blended fruit into a clean mixing bowl. Use a wooden spoon to press the juice through the sieve.

Then carefully stir the other half of the fruit into the bowl with the puree using a metal spoon.

Next, in a new large bowl lightly whip the cream until it stands up in soft peaks.

Then fold the yogurt, honey & half of the fruit mixture into the whipped cream.

Now you need your serving glasses (small tumblers) or bowls. Pop a layer of the cream & fruit mixture into the glasses, then add a layer of the fruit mix, then another layer of cream & fruit mix and so on until each glass is full.

Finally top your fruit ripple with the fruit you put to one side at the beginning.

Hey Presto, there you have it, a yummy recipe to make with your children.

Written for The Keepsake Co with you & your children in mind xx

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