Yee-haw! Throwing A Wild West Birthday Party

Cowboys and Indians have been capturing the imagination of children for decades and they are perhaps more popular than ever these days thanks to the Toy Story films. If your son or daughter’s birthday is coming up and you’re trying to think of ideas for the party, why not throw a Wild West party for your child and all their cowboy and cowgirl friends?

Invitations and Decorations

Invitations can be expensive, so why not make your own at home? For a cowboy feel, you could make them look like ‘Wanted’ posters with your child as a criminal on the run – invite guests to come hunt him or her down for a reward! You can pick up cowboy hats and bandanas cheaply in discount shops and toy shops, which you can then give to guests as they arrive. A few cacti placed on the food table and elsewhere in the house will give your home a wild western feel. For sleepover parties, the Toy Story films are an obvious choice that will please children and adults alike.

Cowboy Grub

When it comes to food, you can serve Mexican-style foods such as tacos or fajitas – this may not be historically accurate cowboy grub, but it’ll look the part and taste great! If you fancy yourself a bit of a baker, you can make cookies in the shape of horseshoes or cowboy hats and a simple sponge cake can be turned into a cowboy or cowgirl cake with the help of icing – depending on your artistic skills, you can try anything, from simple horseshoe prints across the top of the cake to a cowboy riding his horse.

Games and Fun

So you’ve sent out the invitations, decorated the house and decided on the food, but how will you keep the kids entertained? Well, games such as ‘Pin the Tail on the Horse’ (rather than donkey!), and even bobbing for apples, can be adapted to suit a Wild West theme. For something a bit more exciting, you could rent a rodeo bull simulator and have a real live rodeo event in the back garden. These are controlled by an operator who can adjust speeds depending on the age range and have the same base and walls as a bouncing castle, ensuring that it’s all fun and games, without any tears.

With these ideas in mind, it shouldn’t be hard to turn your home into a Wild West saloon with a bucking rodeo bull out back in no time at all. All the little cowboys and cowgirls are sure to have a wild time!

This article was written by party planner Declan Feeney on behalf of a lead provider of bouncing castles.

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