How can working parents achieve work life balance?

How can working parents achieve work life balance?

There’s lots in the news today about the high numbers of mums and dads who are unhappy with their work life balance in Scotland.  We suspect the numbers in England probably aren’t that different.

Research from Family Friendly Working Scotland, reported on the BBC and elsewhere, shows parents really struggling with inflexible employers. They say their work situation has a negative impact on being able to attend school assemblies, and even being around to put their child to bed.

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We know that an out of control work life balance and the way this feels is the reason many of our keepsake artists decided to set up their own business. We love helping them to set their own work life balance, deciding what hours to work, how much time to devote to their business, and how much time to spend with their children and sometimes mixing the two.

Lisa, from Beanstalk Keepsakes, recorded a lovely video with her daughter for her Facebook page this week.

Lisa beanstalk video

She is just one of our many keepsake artists who find juggling family and work is so much easier when you run your own business.  Find out more about how running a keepsake business fits in with school summer holidays. Please get in touch  if you’d like more information about starting your own flexible business.

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