Hand-print & Artwork Jewellery Training Course

£354.00 inc. Vat

Have you ever fancied learning how to create stunning Hand-print or Artwork Jewellery for either yourself, your loved ones or even paying customers? You do not need to be creative as we show you how to create this beautiful silver range step by step. You can select to do your training online via our online learning portal or you can visit one of our training centers and train with an established keepsake business owner while having access to the online training platform as a memory aid after your training day is over. You also get a manual to work through along with discounts off some of the products we sell to help you make even more profit.


This ‘package’ includes both an in-person day AND online training so you can refresh your memory at any time. We have had many people take the training successfully online without needing to travel BUT if you prefer to study face-to-face OR if you find that you struggle with any aspect then you can come and spend the day in our beautiful creative retreat (view here). During your day Victoria, the founder of The Keepsake Co,  will take you through step by step as you learn to make these beautiful products.

Your artwork and hand-print jewellery training course includes:

  • Taking your handprint
  • Collecting your artwork
  • Miniaturizing your artwork or baby’s handprint
  • Creating a word document
  • Making the artwork stamp
  • Creating an impression in the silver
  • Personalization (two ways)
  • Drying your charm
  • Sanding your charm
  • Firing your charm with a kiln
  • Firing your charm with a torch
  • Blackening your image
  • Polishing your charm by hand
  • Polishing your charm by machine
  • Soldering cufflinks
  • Making a tie clip
  • Findings
  • Presenting your jewellery to customers
  • Displaying your jewellery at shows
  • Adding gold to your prints

Additional information

Type of training

Self Study Online Course, Business Start Up Package (Artwork), Business Start Up Package (Fingerprint + Artwork)