Personalised Baby Gifts: What is in a name?

When it comes to finding a baby gift, getting something customized or personalised is becoming more and more popular. There are so many options for personalising baby gifts, and whatever you choose to buy the fact it is personalised adds another layer of thoughtfulness to the gift you have chosen. It also makes the gift truly their own.

The first benefit to buying a baby gift which is personalised is that it shows a higher level of thought and consideration. It is easy to go into a shop and look at the outfits, blankets and other things that are needed. But if you want your gift to stand out from everything else they receive, it needs to be something no one else has thought of. Something unique!

The second benefit, as the child grows up, they may have stories about the gift and these stories are just as enjoyable as the gift itself. Sometime the stories even outlast the gift! I am sure we all have at least one gift that, when we are showing it to someone, we tell the funny story, as to how we ended up with this particular gift and the thoughtful person that bought it for you.

There are so many different personalised gift ideas for youngsters these days. Are you buying something for now or something that will last for years to come? A lot of people feel when it comes to buying baby gifts, they want something other than clothing they will outgrow quickly, or have to grow into. And with the cost of baby clothing, people are always looking for other options.

You can get a beautiful personalised keepsake box so the new parents can protect all the little keepsakes the little one gathers over the first years. Such as First Birthday gifts or Christening gifts. Baby books are a popular idea, using pictures from before the birth of the child, leading up to the birth, and through the whole first year. They can be engraved; the name can be embroidered on the outer cover. A record of all milestones made by the baby throughout the first five years. These are a great idea , and best of all they last a lifetime.

How about a personalised piece of ceramic such a handprint mug to record the little one’s size – the perfect memento or a keepsake such as a baby handprint or footprint on clay or plaster. Or a stunning piece of fingerprint jewellery with your little one’s fingerprint on.

Today with the mass marketing of all things, personalised baby gifts, are one way to ensure the gift you give is not the same gift someone else is also likely to have bought. And while the saying is true, you can never have to many blankets, booties or other baby apparel, with a name, a picture, a design, your gift will stand out from the others for this reason.

Enjoy shopping for your personalised baby gift – I am sure they will love it!

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