My Guide to the School Run

I have been driving the school run gauntlet now for just over 18 months so although still a relative novice I feel I would like to share with you my thoughts and experiences and a few top tips on how I think we can make this very stressful start to the day a little more pleasant – or at the very least more fun!

There is always so much to do isn’t there, where does the time go in the morning…it just seems to be swallowed up by the time thief. I try, as I am sure we all do, to do as much as I can the night before, I have previously considered sending my children to bed in their school uniform just so that its one less thing to do the next day – another item to tick on my list! Oh yes, my lists – I love a good list…I consider it almost therapy! I have lists of things to buy, to do, to make, to sort…the possibilities are endless but I feel a good list sets up you for the day ahead!

So there we have my first two tips, be prepared & make lists. Third on our list of tips I think should be check your diary, I always try to transfer dates of importance that come home in the forms of school newsletters into my diary as soon as they hit my kitchen table otherwise they are turned into some form of creative model building before I have time to blink! So check your diary for any signs of random mufti days, PTA cake sales, school dentist visits or training days!

Ok so let’s assume we have successfully left the house with all the necessary bits & bobs…as I mentioned I drive the school run, well on a weekend it’s a lovely drive but not on school days, oh no on school days it’s more like a kamikaze run for just the brave & the foolish to attempt! So my next tip is, learn the power of road rage! I have never used my horn as much in my life – again I think more because it feels like therapy, not because it actually solves anything!

So again let’s assume that we have navigated our way around all the manic roads and have arrived at school in one piece! At our school we have a car park, albeit small, it is a place where cars can be “parked”. Next tip, learn to park your car like you have stolen it! Apparently when on the school run it is perfectly acceptable (at least to the offenders it would seem) to abandon ones car (motor still running in most cases) absolutely anywhere! Tip six, never ever park your car within a designated parking bay! Infact, it is much more helpful to straddle at least two & if you park are the right angle you may even get more! I believe this particular technique comes with experience.

Lastly but by no means least, my top tip is always arrive early! It helps endless with the road rage horn blowing incidents and parking “situations”, but best of all it allows you to sit back & watch – it’s always very entertaining!

Written by Ella Smyth for The Keepsake Co.

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