Items to Treasure in Your Wedding Keepsake Box

All too often, after months of preparation, the wedding day itself goes by in a bit of a blur and so it can be a wonderful idea to invest in a Wedding Keepsake Box in which to insert those little mementoes that will serve as treasured reminders in years to come. Family and friends can also contribute their little gifts and items to your very own treasure trove of wedding day memorabilia!

So what should you put into your wedding box? Well really most items are personalised gifts and little objects that hold special memories for both the bride and groom but here are a few ideas of the most common items to save.

Wedding Menus

The wedding breakfast was a huge success with many popular speeches and guests tucking into good food, but just what was on the menu? You’ll never forget with a copy of your own wedding day menu and some couples even use the menu to recreate their wedding breakfast on special anniversaries!

Wedding Favours

Little personalised wedding favours for guests are very popular and it’s always a good idea to order a few extra just in case of unexpected guests. The spare ones can be popped into your keepsake box!

Pressed Flowers

If your wedding bouquet allows it, a flower or two from this can be pressed along with the groom’s buttonhole as a poignant and charming reminder. You can attempt the pressing yourself or get a professional to do this for you.

CD Compilation

Many couples spend weeks deliberating what music to have played whilst they take their vows and which song they will do their first dance to. A compilation of songs on the day would be a wonderful idea and this is such a great personalised gift idea too! It’s low cost but thoughtful and would make a special memento.

Wedding Invitations and Order of Service

Of course a copy of the wedding invitation itself is a must have item for the wedding keepsake box! Along with an order of the service which is the most important part of the day, when the couple are joined together, legally and spiritually, to become husband and wife!

Champagne Cork

When the bride and groom pop their first bottle of champagne, make sure that you grab the cork! This is a lovely thing to save and treasure and to make it more special, how about a wine bottle or glass charm that is engraved with the date of their wedding?


It’s an unusual one but many people love to look back at what was happening on their big day so save a copy of the local newspaper (or national one). You don’t have to fit the whole paper in, just the front page with all the major headlines of the day.

Confetti and Ribbons

It’s always a nice idea to put a little confetti in the box, perhaps even scattered around the other objects. Some ribbon from the dress or bouquet is also a lovely addition!


If the bride has a special perfume that she is wearing on the day, why not get a very small sample of this and spray it on the box before inserting the sample inside. It’s not just objects that bring back memories but scent too and the scent of her perfume worn on the day will serve as a poignant reminder.


Of course you will have your official wedding album but often photographs that guests take can capture some tender and natural moments so it might be an idea to collect some of the best and keep them in your wedding keepsake box.

Personalised Wedding Gifts

If you have received any little personalised gifts such as a locket or cufflinks then these make lovely trinkets to place inside a box. In fact you may even want your wedding box itself personalised to add that very special and unique touch!

We hope that these ideas help you to decide what items to place in your box, or if you are thinking of giving the happy couple an unusual and personalised gift for the wedding, then this makes for a budget and yet very special gift idea.


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