Fingerprint Jewellery Franchise

I have been training people to start their own Fingerprint Jewellery business for many many years now BUT we do not do it under a franchise. We wanted to empower mums to start their very own business which they could be proud of with our support and guidance instead of charging them £10,000 to market our brand and work to our rules.

Now I am not saying franchising is bad,  if you are buying into an established brand who dominates a market then you will probably want to be a part of that but I do not think that is true for any of the Fingerprint Jewellery Franchise opportunities that are out there at the moment. In fact I have heard some shocking stories 🙁

So with The Keepsake Co we can set you up online with your own store, we can get you some press coverage, we can set you up on social media, we can help with  your marketing and of course we  can share our 10 years of business knowledge with you. How much time and money do you think you will save if you can learn from someone who has been operating a full time business like this for over 10 years?

What will Fingerprint Jewellery Franchise mean for you?

So instead of rushing into a Fingerprint Jewellery Franchise, think about what that will mean for you.

  • How much do you have to pay them for the privilege of using their domain name when you can use your own. You will be investing in something that is yours and that no one can take away from you.
  • What restrictions do they place on you?
  • What if you want to sell – how easy is it?
  • What is your monthly commitment and can you afford it if you can not reach their sales targets?

Check out our Fingerprint Jewellery Franchise Alternative and see if you can find a way to set up your own fingerprint jewellery business without any of the hassle, financial commitments and restraints that a traditional franchise offers.

Also don’t forget we also offer baby impression franchise alternatives. See our baby impression ranges here

Victoria 🙂

Written by Victoria Casebourne, Founder of The Keepsake Co, lover of all things creative and business and proud mummy to one.


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