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Here is an email we received about our fingerprint jewellery and 3D casting training. I thought I would share my answer incase this was helpful.

Question: Fingerprint Jewellery Start Up Kit

Hello Victoria,
Do your 3D casting kits and fingerprint jewellery kits contain everything that is needed to finish the products? What is the RRP for selling these items? Also do you run the training course’s throughout the UK, I’m in Sussex.
Kind regards

Answer: Fingerprint Jewellery Start Up Kit

HI Emma
Thanks so much for your email regarding starting a Fingerprint Business. Yes our fingerprint jewellery starter kits and 3D Casting starter kits will have everything you need to get going and start making the products. The only thing you may need to add are the silver findings such as necklaces and bracelets but I can show you where to source these as in-expensively as possible.

Fingerprint Jewellery sells from £50-£150. So for a small charm you would be looking at about £15-£20 in costs and would retail it for £50.

For the castings I tend to charge £85 for a double casting and the costs are about £10-£15. But I have not increased my prices since I started 10 years ago so there is possibly room for increasing them now.

We run our training in Somerset at the moment but we also train online remotely. We have a special training course being run in April which teaches you EVERYTHING, with all the kit and a marketing package to ensure you have everything you need if this is of interest. IT is a really big saving on buying it all separately as I would recommend you adding raised impressions and artwork jewellery to your list as you will have most of the materials to offer these two and will give you a lovely selection.

Hope this helps! Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to have a chat about all the options and we can tailor a package just for you.

Kindest regards

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